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I'll try to make a long story short

Back in November 1989 my husband and I bought a little farm, since I always have lived by the water I had to have a pond in the garden

As soon as we moved in on the farm I phone a good friend and asked him to come and dig a big hole whit his machine .

Being short of money we used a cheap folie , and oh boy, was that a big mistake

Having Labrador retrievers in the house it was almost impossible to keep them from the water , trough the years we have replaced the folie several times, 6 or 7 times, donsn't that count for several ?.

Right up to June 2003 we only had goldfish in the pond. I came across some cheap koi and a couple of sturgeons I just had to buy.

2 weeks later the pond was leaking again . I started searching on the internet to find some strong folie for the pond and found a store who was selling epdm  fish safe rubber for ponds, a bit more expensive but the guy assured me that  the dogs could not make this leak .

Once more we rebuild the pond, and I started to do some serious reading about koi . I found out that having koi was nothing like having goldfish in the garden


I needed a filter ! So went back to the guy who sold me the epdm folie, he was selling expensive Japanese koi too. I felt in love whit these wonderful fish  and I ended up buying some Japanese koi i November 2003

We have several time had problems whit mink in the garden and I got worried about the expensive koi, didn't want them to end like sushi for the mink.

I finally decide to build a small house where I could keep my koi inside and enjoy them all year round but more about that later.


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